Banier Galerie Gewaagd

Jeongyoon Ahn

Het nieuwe talent
4 augustus t/m 1 oktober 2006

“I was born in Seoul, Korea on September 27, 1971 and also grown up in Seoul. I studied child welfare in  INHA University. After graduated in 1995, I worked at LG electronic company for 5 years. That was a transition period. I wanted to study art, but I had a hard time finding a right way to become an artist.

I quit the job and took the intensive fine art course from ARTPHIL institute(Seoul). After another year, while I was visiting my husband studying music in Groningen, I went to the eindexamenexpositie of Academy Minerva and that was my biggest turning point. I realized I could find my own creativity and variety of art better under the Dutch art education system. Eventually I decided to move to this beautiful small town in Holland.

I've been studying art at Academy Minerva Hanzehogeschool since 2005. Most works for this exposition are the result of my study with Sarianne Breuker,  Maaike Hamelynck and Rikus Van der Meer in Academy Minerva for the last year. My major interest is painting and video art. Emotion is the keyword and the theme of my works. I understand and describe people and things around me not only by logic, but also emotions.

Since my paintings and video works were focused on my life, you can probably read my emotions from struggling to be adapted myself to the new culture, new language and new circumstances."